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10 Quick ways to Score More than 90% in Board Exams

Scoring more than 90% in board exams might seem a difficult task, however with the right study habits and hard work, it is easily achievable. Here in this article we’ve shared 10 quick ways to score more than 90% in board exams.

#1. Keep improving your previous exam %. Keep a target of performing better than in the last exams. Make a table of the % scored in each exam. This will show how much you need to score in the upcoming exams.

#2. Stick to your textbooks — Well this doesn’t mean that we’re against reference books. But to score more than 90% in the board exams, stick to the textbooks. Seldom is anything asked apart from the content covered in the syllabus books.

#3. Know your weaknesses — While preparing for the board exams, work on the weak points, scratch them to the depth and get thorough with it.

#4. Time management — An adult should sleep for around 8 hours. Do not waste time in sleeping more than this. Subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry and economics should be studied in the morning. Study for atleast 8 hours a day, give equal importance to languages and computer as they help in scoring.

#5. Solve the previous year exam papers since almost 50% questions are from them. Learn all the previously asked questions’ answers thoroughly.

#6. Improve your writing skills by writing mock exams. The presentation should be visually pleasing for the examiner.

#7. Last 3 months play an important role in deciding the final % of your board examination, so utilize this time efficiently. Create a proper time management and giving sufficient time to every subject.

#8. On the night before the board exam — Do not touch new topics, revise what you’ve already learnt. Sleep for 8 hours to relax the brain.

#9. On examination day don’t think about those chapters which you have not worked upon. Feel confident about those lessons which are learnt well. It increases confidence and removes stress.

#10. Finally when sitting for the exam, in the first 15 minutes read the entire question paper. While reading the questions, plan how you’ll attempt the questions and which ones will be attempted first. Take along pens, pencils, scale and rubber, make diagrams where asked.

With these tips, scoring more than 90% in the board exams is not a tough task.

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