5 Most Important Essentials of an Internship

Internship tips
Essentials of internship

There is a great gap in the number of jobs in the market and the number of applicants which results in a large number of fresher’s unemployed. Here’s everything you’d want to know about an internship.

1. Importance of an internship

With competition in the job sector rising incrementally, getting an entry level job is a task in

itself for fresher’s lacking skills and experience. According to an NDTV report, India gets more

than 50 lakh graduates every year. The number of jobs is nowhere close to the number of candidates.


Internshios tips
Importance of internship

Comes internship into the picture. An internship while studying gives an opportunity to apply

the knowledge gained, build professional relations and gives an idea about the working of the

corporate world. The student gets a hands-on experience of their strength, weakness and a

chance to develop and nurture their skills.

2. What if I have no time for an internship?

Often between the endless coursework, projects and curricular activities students are unable to squeeze out time for an internship. This aspect requires planning. Full time summer internships during the semester break is a good option. Another option is part time work wherein the student can work after the college hours. A new term virtual internship is gaining momentum,which is a work from home assignment.

Find out a course that aligns with your graduation course. (Management students can take up HR assignments, arts or communication student can take up content writing and marketing students can try their hands at social media and digital marketing).

internship tips

3. How to select from Paid vs Unpaid internship?

While opting for an internship, there are certain parameters to be taken into consideration. If the internship is worthy, paid or unpaid is a secondary issue.

Some firms offer no compensation but the wide spectrum of learning is invaluable. On the other hand some internships offer monetary compensation but the work is monotonous.

Decide what is more important to you and the end goal should be in-lieu with your future job opportunities.


internships essentials
paid vs unpaid internships

4. How to land the dream internship?

Dear college students, you’re not along in the race for bagging the best internships. Every student wants to land the dream internship, competition is intense but the points noted here will improve your chances of bagging the best internship. This will help you develop skills and experience required to have a successful career.


tips to land your dream internship
How to land a dream intenship?

The 3 important stages of getting the internship are:

  • Discovery Phase — At this stage you need to find out the internship options. You can either go to offline campus fairs or find out the internship requirements from the internet.
  • We, the LJ Group of Institutes have organized India’s largest campus fair “Campus Internship Fair” on 26th and 27th Feb 2016. This is an offline fair taking place at the LJK, SG Highway with 100+ firms and 30 startups participating to find the best students.
  • Based on your expertise and interests, you can select the best internships from the following platforms:
  • Interestship (Internships from tech companies across Gujarat)
  • Internshala (Internships from various companies across India)
  • HasGeek (Internships from startups across India)
  • LetsInterns (Internships from Indian startups)
  • (Internships for engineering and management students)


internships tips
Discovery phase
  • Research Phase— Once you’re ready with the list of companies you want to work with, then starts the research phase. This means practically digging out every information about that company, their products, services, team members, investors, customer base and their culture. This knowledge helps in connecting to the key decision makers.

Check out more information about these organizations from:

  • LinkedIn
  • Check the company’s Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • A simple Google Search will also show many details about the company.


Internships tips

Note — Getting to know these details about the institution shows that you’ve taken the pains to

research on them and sets a good impression.

  • Applying Phase — At this stage, your application along with the cover letter and the resume goes to the key decision maker at the company. It’s up to the student to make it attention grabbing or have it tucked with the other applications.

While applying, mention how and why your joining that firm will be beneficial to the employer.

In short, the cover letter should generate interest and the resume should speak volumes about yourself.

There are numerous excellent internship opportunities out there. As a student your goal is to hunt them using either offline networking events, campus fairs or via the internet.

This seemingly small step plays a crucial role in preparing you for the professional career. The confidence, professional learnings and the discipline learnt during an internship helps immensely when you start your professional career.

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