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6 Memory Boosting Foods for Board Exams

Memory Boosters
Memory Boosting Foods For your Board Exams

While studying for board exams, proper nutrition habits are not on the top of the to-do-list. Students fall into the habit of binging on ready-to-eat foods, coffee and cold drinks. But here’s the hard truth — proper food should be a part of your diet, it helps in boosting memory and has a lot of added benefits.

The better the nutrition, the more it helps in boosting memory. Here are 6 memory boosting foods you should be consuming during your board exams:

#1. Nuts — Nuts have high levels of fatty acids to help the brain perform better.

They provide the required iron and oxygen to the brain that increases the mental alertness and enhances the memory retention.

Since nuts are high in unsaturated fat (aka the “good” fat) and calories, they are a good energy source.

Consume a handful of nuts including almonds, walnuts and pistachios during your exams.


Memory boosters food

#2. Vegetables and Fruits — Stress level is high during exams. Vitamin B complex, C and zinc supplements help in beating stress. These vitamins are essential for the metabolism of body fats and sugars and to provide brain energy needed for studying. Vitamin K enhances cognitive function and improves brainpower. They are low on calories, delicious and contain glucose and fructose that is converted into energy in the body.

Vitamin C rich fruits — Oranges, amla and lemon to name a few.

Vitamin B rich vegetables — Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage and capsicum.

Vitamin K rich vegetables — spring onions, green leafy vegetables, capsicum and cucumber.


Brain Boosters
Vegetables and Fruits

#3. Beans — Legumes (beans) have high concentration of folic acid that improves the ability to recall information. Vitamin B6, B12 and folate in beans maintain the proper functioning of the nervous system and improve memory and alertness.

Include beans such as chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils in the diet during the board exams.


Memory Boosters

#4. Chocolates — Chocolate contains high amount of cocoa that fights the stress increasing hormone cortisol and has a relaxing effect on the mind. Chocolate releases endorphins, a natural stress fighter.


Memory Booster Foods

#5. Strawberries — Strawberries contain polyphenolics, a compound that reduces oxidative stress in the brain and body, repairs cell damage and freshens the brain.



#6. Whole grains — Whole grains such as cereals, whole wheat bread and oats provide adequate vitamin B and zinc to the brain. They are responsible for proper functioning of the central nervous system. Whole grains boost memory, concentration and relive from irritability.

Have we missed out on the memory boosting foods taken during board exams? If yes, then add in comments.

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