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9 Last Minute Preparation Tips for Your Exams

 Tips for Your Board Exams

An untold yet true story — students cover more than 75% of the entire portion during 3–4 hours before the exam than what they do in the other time.

As Ahmedabad’s leading 5 year integrated management institute, we theLJIMS have prepared a list of 9 last minute preparation tips for your exams.

#1. Solve as many previous years’ papers as you can — Going through the previous year exam papers will tell you that more than 60% questions are repeated from the past exam papers. Learning those answers by heart gives the confidence of having covered majority of the course. There are separate books with solved previous exam questions, make sure to buy and mug those answers.

#2. Go through all the diagrams — Suppose you’re asked to explain the mechanism of a car. The examiner won’t have time to read all that you’ve written. If the diagram is perfectly labelled and drawn, he’ll assume that you know the concept and give good marks. Make sure to go through all the expected diagrams before appearing for the exam.

#3. Learn the formulas — Make a list of all the formulas and revise them on the day of the exam. If you use the wrong formula, there are chances that the whole answer is screwed up. Sometimes the examiner will end up giving you a zero under the pretext that the main answer is wrong.

With the right formula and the given data you can even make up stuff! (Just a tip! J)

#4. Go through the main points — For the last minute preparation, study point wise. The points can be elaborated in the paper.

#5. Remember the facts — Memorize facts and figures such as circuit diagrams, geographic facts and statistics data very well. That will help you to score good marks if you have some error in your text answer.

#6. Know all topics — You should know in general about all topics. Go through all the important topics in the last hour prior to the exams.

As said, “Knowing 70% topics in general is better than perfecting only 40% syllabus”.

#7. Don’t touch the fat textbooks, refer to the notes — Do not read the reference books or course books at the last hour. Prepare notes, with an overview of the topic, a diagram and the important points. You can cover a greater number of topics by this method.

#8. Prefer studying theory over formulas — The wrong formula would mess up the entire answer and cost a lot of marks. In case of theory, at least you can bluff and get average marks. If you think numerical’s are hard to grasp, refer the theory first.

#9. Sleep well — Sound sleep helps in retaining and organizing what you studied better! Sleep deprivation can lead to panic attacks!

And good luck for the exams.

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